My Name Is Lady Gaga

Name: My Name Is Lady Gaga
Year of creation: 2023
Medium and materials: HD Finish + Fine Art Print
HD Finish
Regular Edition – 60x90cm – 25x + 3 EA
DeLuxe Edition – 90x120cm – 15x + 2 EA
Majestic Edition – 120x160cm – 5x + 1 EA
Fine Art Print
55x70cm – 25x + 5 EA

In this piece, I’ve seamlessly blended the magnetic aura of Lady Gaga with the timeless charm of Mickey Mouse. Lady Gaga, a trailblazer in the music and fashion industry, has redefined the boundaries of artistry and self-expression. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse, a beloved symbol of joy and nostalgia, has touched hearts for generations.

“My Name is Lady Gaga” celebrates the extraordinary essence of both icons, capturing the essence of Gaga’s bold creativity and Mickey’s enduring charisma. This fusion of two seemingly different worlds highlights the magic of art in bringing together diverse influences and showcasing the power of individuality.

Lady Gaga’s unique voice, both musically and culturally, has left an indelible mark, and Mickey Mouse’s iconic ears have always been a symbol of positivity. This artwork aims to honor their shared influence and the ability of art to transcend boundaries.