My Name Is Grace

Name: My Name Is Grace
Year of creation: 2023
Medium and materials: HD Finish + Fine Art Print
HD Finish
Regular Edition – 60x90cm – 25x + 3 EA
DeLuxe Edition – 90x120cm – 15x + 2 EA
Majestic Edition – 120x160cm – 5x + 1 EA
Fine Art Print
55x70cm – 25x + 5 EA


In this piece, I’ve seamlessly merged the captivating essence of the iconic Grace Jones with the timeless allure of Mickey Mouse. Grace, known for her mesmerizing presence and contributions to the world of music and fashion, meets the universally beloved Disney character in a striking portrait that celebrates the essence of both.

Grace Jones, an embodiment of fierce individuality and artistry, has always defied conventions. Her powerful voice and avant-garde style have left an indelible mark on the music and fashion industries. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse, with his timeless charm, represents a symbol of positivity and nostalgia that transcends generations.

The fusion of these two icons in “My Name is Grace” is a celebration of the diversity of artistic influences that shape our world. It’s a tribute to the capacity of art to break boundaries and unite different worlds, showing that grace can be found in the most unexpected places.