My Name Is Brigitte

Name: My Name Is Brigitte
Year of creation: 2023
Medium and materials: HD Finish + Fine Art Print
HD Finish
Regular Edition – 60x90cm – 25x + 3 EA
DeLuxe Edition – 90x120cm – 15x + 2 EA
Majestic Edition – 120x160cm – 5x + 1 EA
Fine Art Print
55x70cm – 25x + 5 EA

In “My Name Is Brigitte,” I’ve married the iconic beauty of Brigitte Bardot with the playful spirit of Mickey Mouse ears, resulting in an artwork that transcends eras and captivates the heart.

Whether you’re a Brigitte Bardot admirer, a Disney enthusiast, or simply a lover of art, “My Name Is Brigitte” promises to enchant your senses and ignite your imagination.