Lola Bunny Going Wild – Print

Name: Lola Bunny Going Wild
Year of creation: 2023
Medium and materials: Fine Art Print
Dimensions: 50 × 70 cm 
Edition: 25x 


In the art piece ‘Lola Bunny Going Wild’, the iconic character is presented in a daring new light. Shaped into a heart, with a heart-shaped plug alluringly placed in her behind, Lola Bunny exudes a raw sensuality that begs the question: what is she thinking? What does she want? Her gaze is suggestive, tempting the viewer to imagine the wild possibilities.

Is she daring them to join her in this act of pure hedonistic pleasure? Or is she simply inviting them to bask in her fiery, unapologetic sexuality? Either way, ‘Lola Bunny Going Wild’ is a daring and provocative statement that pushes the boundaries of conventional art and invites us to question our own desires.