Death Comes Slowly

Name: Death Comes Slowly
Year of creation: 2022
Medium and materials: Bronze
Size: 25x40x20cm
Editions: 3

“Death Comes Slowly” emerges as a captivating bronze sculpture, a contemplative piece that transcends the boundaries of time and life. At its core, the artwork features a snail, its unhurried journey through existence depicted with intricate details. However, a mesmerizing twist awaits the observer—an ethereal transformation unfolds as the snail’s shell reveals itself to be a human skull, seamlessly integrated into the spiral of its cochlea.

The deliberate choice of a snail as the central motif adds a layer of metaphorical depth, symbolizing the gradual and inexorable march of time. This union of life and mortality is both haunting and beautiful, a poignant reminder of the inescapable dance between existence and eventual decay.

What sets “Death Comes Slowly” apart is the meticulous hand polishing that grants the bronze a mirror-like sheen. This reflective surface serves as a metaphorical looking glass, encouraging viewers to introspect and confront their own mortality. The gleaming bronze becomes a canvas for self-reflection, with each onlooker seeing not just the sculpture but also a fleeting reflection of their own mortality.

In its entirety, “Death Comes Slowly” transcends the conventional boundaries of art, inviting contemplation on the cyclical nature of life and death. The polished bronze captures and refracts the surrounding world, creating an immersive experience that prompts viewers to ponder the inexorable journey we all undertake, each step measured and deliberate, as death comes slowly.