Catch Them If You Can – Print

Name: Catch Them If You Can
Year of creation: 2023
Medium and materials: Fine Art Print
Dimensions: 70 × 50 cm 
Edition: 25x 


In ‘Catch Them If You Can’, a Smurf is on a mission to capture three alluring butterflies. But these are no ordinary insects – they are shaped like pussies, leaving the viewer to wonder if this is just an illusion or if the Smurf is actually in pursuit of something much more tantalizing. With a net in hand, the Smurf races after these tempting creatures, determined to catch them.

But the question remains: will he be successful in his quest, or will the butterflies continue to flit just out of reach? ‘Catch Them If You Can’ is a playful and suggestive piece that invites us to consider the power of desire and the pursuit of that which we most desire.